Up the Ohio River, into the rolling foothills of Appalachian Ohio, you’ll find a fertile land once plump and plenty with broadacre crop and dairy farms. Fast forward to today: tired wooden barns lean haggardly, unused and rotting, fields are barren, fences broken, the region is economically distressed, food resources are limited and people’s health is failing.

Southeastern Ohio is like countless other places in rural America where for years, farmers have fallen victim to the greed and pressures of big agro-business. How did we get to this place? And more importantly, where are we going now?

Somewhere in these hills is one family, meeting each day with the grit and passion they need to survive as a sustainable dairy farm. This is a visual love letter to their day-to-day experiences at home, while simultaneously fighting to make healthy food more available for their community.

Farmsteaders is an independent, documentary, web-based mini-series, shot and edited by Shaena Mallett.