Shaena Mallett

Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Shaena Mallett is a documentary filmmaker, editor, award-winning photographer, and teacher. She grew up on a family homestead and to this day prefers to be outside. She has also continued to moonlight in sustainable agriculture. 

Her stories are often found on backroads, entangled in roots, relationships with land, and what it means to be "home." Farmsteaders will be her first full-length film. 





Kelly Creedon is a documentary filmmaker who uses intimate storytelling as a means to explore communities and the questions that unite and divide us. Her short documentary film In This World was awarded a 2015 Alexia Foundation Grant, and the was the Editor-in_Chief and cinematographer for Whole Hog: The Power of Pork, an award-winning exploration of the complex landscape of the hog industry in North Carolina. She hold an M.A. in visual communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she studied documentary filmmaking and photography. She is a graduate of the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies.